Product ID Location

How to locate the serial number to identify the model and size of your skylight.

Step 1 - Locate the metal plate on your skylight or roof window by looking on the frame in the suggested areas indicated by the red arrows listed below.
Step 2 - Copy the model and size from the plate to use on the "Model" and "Size" pages under the "Make Your Selection".

VS,VSE, QVM Venting Skylights

The sash may need to be opened to see the metal tag
Note: the tags for newer skylights are at the top of the frame

FS and QFS Fixed Skylights

FSF Fixed skylights with vent flap

(under flap when open)


(depending on installation orientation the serial number can be found stamped on one of the four sides)


(serial number is stamped on the bottom of flashing near the center)
Note: this stamp only contains the block code, not the model or size